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My 1yr old dog had diarrhea that just wouldn't go away so I took him into the vet. They gave fluids, did a fecal exam and prescribed meds. Total claim submitted was $203. They wanted every document under the sun on my pet. Every time I tried to explain that he was only 1 and this was his first illness so he doesn't have much of a file they insisted on more paperwork. As I hadn't settled on one particular vet and had taken him various plays for shots, heartworm meds etc. they asked for the contact info of every Vet he had seen so they could reach out to them. And after providing that info to someone over the phone and seeing nothing happen for over a week I send an email only to hear that she doesn't have any record of a call! So I fax in the receipts/records etc, a few more days go by and finally I get an email saying they are going to cover $56. I should probably add here that up to this point I've paid $900 in premiums. Then I realize that they didn't process the invoice for the Fecal exam. (the vet had put it on a separate invoice the next day because they couldn't get much of a sample on the first day). So I call in AND I send an email to be sure. Rep on the phone says she clearly sees the invoice as they received it on the very first day when I sent it the bills. Nothing happens. Days go by until I send another email stating how unhappy I am. I then get a response telling me they are going to reimburse me for $37 for the fecal exam. At the end of this, I

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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