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Petplan,Thank you so much for providing such comprehensive coverage without making us, or our dogs, jump through hoops! I was previously covered with another national company, but soon found out that the exclusions and limits per malady made the coverage worthless. My vet recommended PETPLAN so we tried it out. I was immediately impressed with the customer service as I called several times to ask specifics about the coverage. They were very knowledgeable and friendly as we talked about our pets with each other and I was relieved to find that PETPLAN does not have a ‘coverage cap’ per ailment as other companies have. I had two pups under a year at that time, and so both were now covered.
We are pretty active family and, as an empty nest couple, our new ‘children’ are our dogs. We hike or run a few miles every day in the woodsy trails near our house. The pups love to run and frolic in the woods and bushes, and experience the outdoors without limits for a short time every day. Even though this can open them up to all kinds of trouble, we feel it’s important to “let dogs be dogs”.
Within a few months, our Mastiff/Lab mix (Mastador) Duke blew out his knee as larger dogs tend to do. At only a year and a half and 178 lbs he needed ACL surgery. We were so relieved after speaking with a customer service rep that there was no reason that it wouldn’t be covered. We could concentrate our concern on the surgery itself, and not the $3000 price tag attached. The process for reimbursem

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ACL-Knee Joint
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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