It was the most horrible service I’ve experienced!

Out of 10

I purchased insurance for my dog back in may 2020. I was informed on my policy that my dog would be covered for any type of medical problems such as vaccination,medication,illness,injury and infections. My dog suffered an ear infection in June and I had contacted the customer service to report the infection with receipt. It cost me about $500 in total for the full process and when I contacted customer service they made some inexcusable comment about them not covering it even though I was informed on the policy that they cover the insurance and so I was obviously upset about the matter and after spending 2 hour on the phone with customer service we came to no conclusion. After paying them $67.80 every month for no reason I decided to cancel my policy during that call. So I cancelled my policy in the month of June 2020 and like a lot of people I’m one of those who doesn’t check their statements and I checked this past month which was April of 2021 and I have been getting charged the whole time since last June when I requested to cancel the policy. So I contact the customer service again in regard to this process and not only they refused to reimburse me the funds they denied that I even contacted them about the cancellation. They said the only thing they can do is cancel my policy and that’s about it. So after all this I agreed to the cancellation and I thought the least they could do is reimburse me which didn’t happen and after them saying they will cancel and send me a confirmation about the cancellation I didn’t receive any confirmation about the cancellation . So I contacted them back the following day about the confirmation and the representative said that they have no documents or information about the cancellation of my request. I strongly don’t recommend this pet insurance for anybody because they are the biggest scam insurance company I have ever dealt with and wouldn’t want anyone else getting scammed.

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Mixed Breed Toy (up to 10 Lbs)

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1 - 8

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