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We had an emergency with our 3 yr old Pomeranian one night, she had something stuck in her esophagus & was clearly choking / could not breath. It was a moment of sheer terror as she began throwing up white foam non-stop & could not control her bowels. Her gums had turned a purple color & her eyes were bloodshot & bulging out of her head. Panicking, we brought her in to the Animal Emergency Hospital & luckily they were able to do a scope procedure immediately which saved her & also, luckily did not further damage her esophagus, which would have required invasive surgery to fix. There was no price we wouldn't have paid to save our little one's life, but remembering that we had pet insurance really helped put our mind at ease & focus on what was most important, helping our pommie recover. Trupanion was very hassle-free, quick & easy. The hospital helped us submit the claim & almost immediately, Trupanion had our checks in the mail. The turn-around time was impressive & they followed up with many emails regarding the claim & to check up on our pommie. No one thinks about pet insurance, but it was definitely worth it to invest in it as it gave us one less thing to worry about in an already stressful moment while we waited for the status of our dog after the procedure. I would definitely recommend Trupanion & am so glad our Vet suggested pet insurance to us when we first brought our puppy home.

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foreign object stuck in esophagus
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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