We were ripped off like many others.

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We never had one claim. Once our pet turned 1 our rates went up. They took our money for a year. As shown every year your premium goes up. They almost doubled ours. When asked why -- the same excuse they used (see other reviews) in 2010 that they hadn't increased rates in the last 4 years. They lie, period. Bank the money in a separate acct for per expenses. Shame on you Trupanion , will pass this along for all friends to see you are not what you claim to be. Tsk tsk...

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Claim Amount
Under $100


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 03/18/2012

There is a huge difference between a rate increase, and getting ripped off. As veterinary costs increase it is reasonable to expect premium increases. Exactly 6 months ago my vet bill was just under $100.00 for my cat's regular 6 month checkup - now it's $349.00 for the EXACT same service with the same provider. It's a simple fact, healthcare costs have skyrocketed in most areas. The value with Trupanion is knowing that no matter what illness your pet gets, or whatever accident should occur, you will never have to make a decision based on the cost - you will know the majority of the bill will be covered....with absolutely hassle and with no limit. I was able to easily to budget for Bonzai's monthly premium, but not for the outrageous surprise cost of his broken leg. Trupanion paid promptly as promised, and he recovered in full greatly due to his insurance.