I had a rough start but an excellent ending

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I bought Embrace insurance because of the reviews from their customers. The feedback is postive about the insurance, the coverage and customer service. I felt really confident when I purchased the insurance, I found security that my dog would be okay no matter how small or large amount of medical care he needed. Unfortunately I neeeded a large amount of care within the first 5 months after my dog got ran over by a car. Leaving out tons a detail, my claim was first denied than approved. After a little go around, I felt the Embrace Rep. really did care about my dog receiving care. I spoke to several customer care and all where pretty polite even when I was falling apart crying on the phone about my dog's accident. Once the claim was approved I was relieved that my dog could be saved because I could afford to give him the medical care he needed. Without Embrace insurance, I would have no other choice but to put my dog down. Therefore I am thankful for the customer care rep. who worked with me through this hard time. Every since this accident happened, I tell everyone when I am in the vet( alot since the accident) about Embrace, even though the vet pushes another insurance. When I talk to other pet owners I ask them if they have pet insurance, and stress the importance of having them and how Embrace is an idea insurance. When giving my overall rating I would love to give a 10 but I have to be honest, the original denial of the claim was beyond stressful. Therefore I will have t

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Hit by a car
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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