Quick to Judge, Yet Just as Quick to Set Things Right

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I have had Embrace only a few short months and really put them through their paces with lots of questions before I signed up, all of which were answered both timely and completely by their representative responding over email. That gave me confidence that they were a company that put their insured pups, so on, first. However, following my pup’s initial exam our vet disclosed to Embrace the discovery of a typical (e.g. associated with pups) mass on the top of her head, a histiocytoma, which they explained would exclude her from being covered for all cancers in the future. I was aghast at that prospect and was on the verge of dropping Embrace totally. Until they let me know and then allowed our vet to write an appeal letter for the mass to explain further that in her opinion it was not cancer when she first evaluated it and would not turn into cancer in the future and, in fact, four weeks later it had resolved itself completely. Approximately one week later Embrace came back with some modification on future masses where they would no longer treat/equate future histiocytomas with masses later identified as cancer So while our pups’ future histiocytomas would be treated as pre-existing, they would no longer exclude any future masses, cancerous or otherwise, from being covered by our policy. To be sure this was a relief. So, a mixed score for my relationship with Embrace so far that is, as they were quick to judge the type of skin mass they would not cover in the future (somehow equating it with cancer, where there had been no such proof of this at all), yet just as quick to take up my appeal and grant some relief, modification of our coverage and a detailed explanation of how and why to accompany their decision back to me. So, take from that what you will but know it is better to have some kind of pet insurance, for sure, than none.

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