Not worth it.

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Usually have to appeal decisions. They will find reasons not to cover. Covers per incident and will find reason to claim each incident is unrelated. Example...Giardia. Covered in 2019. No premium paid as deductible was not met. Ok. Accepted. Exact symptoms in 2021. Treated with same meds prescribed in 2019 (successfully) for Giardia although no cysts were found in fecal. They are not always found due to life cycle and shedding of Giardia cysts. Claim denied. Reason, vomiting diarrhea can be caused by anything including cancer so not covered. This was not first denial. They will say rates aren’t increased annually due to age of dog as if that is a positive. Perhaps this is true but they do definitely increase annually due to annual increase in vet fees. They don’t cover vet fees. Examination fees are not covered. Paid out about 7000 in premiums not including annual premium increases which has gone up from about 53 to 81 monthly. Recovered about 2600 of that in payable claims. They are quick to process claims and to respond on the positive side even if it is a claim denial you gave to appeal. Won’t fight with them over this one, considering cancelling.

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