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When Surry became ill, we went thru two vets and a few days including the last 4 hour period when her diagnosis and potential treatment changed every 1/2 hour. We started the day week when she began to vomit and thinking she had an obstruction. Every test led to needing more tests, that led to discovery of tumors, that needed more tests. It was a horrible few hours, but I never had to consider costs in part of this journey. Each step of the way I could do what was best for my beloved pet. During this crisis, there was a time we might have to choose a very expensive operation to rid her of a large tumor in her thorax area, and the cost was not part of the decision. After 4 hours of ex rays, sonograms, and other expensive test, we discover my poor girl had tumors in her lungs, thorax area, frozen esophagus and lung damage. There was no humane treatment. She was gently euthanized in my arms, and although this was one of the toughest days of my life, I knew my Surry got the best diagnosis, and potential treatment options without worrying about costs.
Later, when dealing with Petplan, they were all kind, effective and easy to deal with.

For years as a dog trainer I was asked about pet insurance, and I advised against it. With my recent experience with PetPlan, I have changed my recommendations.

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