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ASPCA pet insurance is a complete scam, and I hope I can forewarn fellow pet owners. I took my cat to the vet, he was diagnosed with a UTI, and the bill was quite expensive. He had never had a UTI before. This was the first time he had ever been sick, and certainly the first he had ever been diagnosed with anything at all. But because a note from the vet, 5 months ago, mentioned that he was drinking a lot of water, they decided that this was an early symptom of a UTI, and that it was therefore a preexisting condition. Long story short, if your pet has ever been to the vet before, for any reason at all, including for an annual physical, they will pretend that whatever illness they later develop is a preexisting condition and they will not cover one cent. I wish I’d known this before paying hundreds of dollars in monthly premiums.

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