Don't want to reimburse you, then play stupid when you've already explained yourself/ submitted what they're asking for.

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PetSecure continuously insists that I haven't submitted XYZ document(s), and therefore they can't process my claim, despite the fact I have already thoroughly explained that they already have all the documents I have; there are no additional documents, but no, apparently I'm just refusing to submit them. Apparently the explanation that my pet had only been to the vet once before, that we have record of, because the vet is expensive and not something you go rushing to do when you're tight on money, but when we decide to get insurance for him because we can afford it now, suddenly there's a problem... You had no problem taking my money though, isn't that funny.

Don't get PetSecure if your cat isn't young and freshly adopted. If you don't have a box of paperwork to tell them what your cat's been doing from birth until now, they'll drag their feet to reimburse you what you're owed while insisting it's YOUR fault because YOU haven't submitted what they need.

It seems like their customer service team is paid to be ignorant and act like they can't read, because people will give up and stop fighting if they play dumb enough.

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