Pie's Miracle

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Our Fench bulldog, Pie, is three years old. We noticed a difference in her breathing and consulted with our vet and they suggested surgery to help her. The surgery went well but complications developed when she aspirated fluid into her lungs. When we went to see her that evening she was in an oxygen tent. When I visited her the following day I was told she had developed aspiration pneumonia and her only chance was to go to a hospital that had a ventilator. I panicked and called Pet Plan. They assured me she would be covered. Within 30 minutes a vet tech was setting up an oxygen tent in the back of my car and we were driving in rush hour traffic to get her to the hospital.
She spent five days on the ventilator while they tried to determine the correct antibiotic to fight the bacteria in her lungs and another 6 days in the hospital in recovery fighting for her life. Our vet told us it was a miracle that she survived.
Without the help of Pet Plan we would not have our sweet Pie back with us. When I called to see if they had received all the information needed for the claim, Norma Sanchez was very helpful and reassuring. She went the extra mile when she called and emailed the next day letting me know the check had been released.
We can't say enough good things about Pet Plan. We recommend it to everyone we know who has pets.

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