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I have had an absolutely great experience with PetPlan until they decided to charge us twice for a deductible. Our now 2 year old Boxer unfortunately has severe hip dysplasia and at 15 months had a total hip replacement of her right hip. PetPlan was absolutely fantastic and reimbursed me without any problems within 2 weeks. PetPlan made it possible for us to afford to be able to treat our dogs hip dysplasia. I was a great spokesman for the company and made sure that all of my dog owner friends purchased policies from PetPlan. Unfortunately 6 months later our dog Goose had an awful illness and put her in the Critical Care Unit at Angell Memorial in Boston. She was very ill and needed 24 hour care as she was hooked up to multiple IV's with antibiotics. She spent 3 and a half days there and she is doing well now. As you can imagine the vet bill was pretty significant and we put in our claim. 2 weeks went by and no response or check from PetPlan. I called and they told me that they had hired new people and were behind at this time. I have been nothing but happy to this point and had no problem with this. At 5 weeks post illness I have still not heard from PetPlan or received a check. I called back and they informed me that the check was in the mail. Upon receiving the check they double charged me for my $200 deductible. I called them and explained there mistake. I was shocked to be told that because while our dog was in the critical care unit our plan year had ended and had been

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Posted: 06/04/2013

I am still waiting to be paid for a claim I made 5 weeks ago, where they were sent documents three ways, and are still claiming "documents are missing". I'm super angry and will be leaving PetPlan as soon as this is resolved.

Posted: 02/06/2014

I'm glad i saw this review. I didn't realize chronic conditions have to have their deductibles paid yearly. I'm used to my current insurance in which you pay a deductible once per condition. Thanks for the information! I called PetPlan and they did confirm it as well

Posted: 04/10/2013

I had the same situation happen with our dog, Cocoa, but I don't view it as a problem, more unfortunate timing. The policy's terms are what they are and, for us, it was just a bit of a surprise. (I think of calendar years, not policy years.)

Posted: 04/12/2013

Petplan charged me double the amount of premium because I moved from New York City, NY to Jersey City, NJ (3 miles). You would think rate would go down since I moved from a city with relatively high living expense to city with lower expense. NOT TRUE. They claim that they could double my premium because I moved to a new address. What's the point of locking in a rate when they could just change it with every excuse? I canceled my policy!

Posted: 02/26/2013

I understand your frustration with being charged again for a deductible but that is standard with all types of health insurance. If a plan is on a contract year rather than a calendar year, the deductible is charged again when a new contract is in place, even for services for the same condition. I work in a dental office and I deal with deductibles on plans every day. I contacted PetPlan about my dog's claim to find out when our contract year was up. Fortunately, our claims so far have fallen in the same contract year but I will be charged another deductible for the same illness if treatment is needed with the new contract.

Posted: 03/16/2013

This is why folks need to understand what they are buying before they buy. This provision is clearly stated in their policy.
If your pet has a chronic condition, you will pay the deductible every policy year for that condition.

The odds of a pet having an acute illness exactly when their policy renews (as happened in this situation) is pretty remote.

Posted: 03/20/2013

From what I read, PetPlan policies have a seperate deductible per condition or diagnosis per fiscal year. That would mean because your dog had 2 different conditions,(hip dysplasia and a seperate illness)there would be two different deductibles...in addition, once the fiscal year(renewal date)passed, the deductibles would start all over forthe new year.
It seems to me that according to the info you posted, the claims were paid correctly.

Posted: 03/28/2013

Petplan's deductibles are per policy year (not calendar year) and per condition.
See: How do my deductible and co-pay work?

Posted: 03/31/2013

OK, THIS is what gets me worried. As someone who is ABOUT to take out a PetPlan policy on my 22 month old Basset (because I worry about hereditary diseases) and that because he is so young, as we know they get into and upto anything!I DO have a question though. You must have known your policy was very close to running out, so I can't understand why they'd said it had run out and you're surprised about the deductible fee? If you had a payment plan, wouldn't it continue??? Just asking, as I don't want that stuff happening. I went through the 'new' staff thing with my other company, as they had sent a check really late and then didn't cover what they said they would. I hope PetPlan is different.