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Got insurance for my puppy as a 4 month old, since he is a puppy and would have a high chance of needing unexpected medical attention. First, he got a bald spot on his hind leg which VPI did not cover at all - skin culture had to be done, etc, so they requested medical records to prove that the ointment was necessary. More importantly, his retained deciduous canines needed to be removed and VPI straight up said that they do not cover retained baby teeth removal (!) - which is the reason I initially got this insurance. Yes, I admit I should have done more research. Now that I have, I will never ever recommend VPI while there are so many other good insurances out there. Trupanion is great (minus routine coverage) and Embrace seems solid too (minus being a bit pricy). Anyway, I hope this helps other puppy owners looking to get off to being a good pet parent on the right foot. Don't let VPI happen to you, it is literally the last company you should consider. They are NOT cheap and their benefits schedule barely covers anything.

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