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Adopted a puppy from a shelter and purchased this insurance. After having the puppy home for a few days, it got parvo. $1700 later the puppy is fine but this company keeps denying the claim stating that it was preexisting. The vet at the shelter submitted records to the insurance company showing that the puppy did not have parvo at the time it left the shelter. I am on the phone with the insurance company looking right at the medical records that were submitted by the vet stating that the puppy did not have parvo and this guy keeps telling me the records show the puppy had parvo. Plus this insurance guy is saying that the puppy had parvo prior to adopting the puppy. The shelter was kind enough to refund 100% of the adoption fee, but this insurance company won't pay a claim that it is legally bound to pay. I think it's because I just got the puppy and the insurance and that's why they don't want to pay. I have cancelled the policy and have been in contact with the shelter that promotes this insurance to encourage them to find a better insurance to offer. This insurance company is a sham.

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Posted: 06/27/2014

I'm sorry but there is no way your puppy contracted parvo in your home. The puppy would have already had parvo when you brought it home which is the definition of pre-existing. If you don't believe me ask your vet or google it. :( I'm sorry your puppy was sick though.

Posted: 07/18/2014

Sally is wrong. A puppy can get parvo outside of a shelter. There are a myriad of ways--bug bites, other strays with the disease, diseased materials in the puppy's environment are examples. Scam.

Posted: 07/18/2014

In addendum to the other commenter, as a shelter worker and degreed individual, parvo exists naturally and can be transmitted in numerous non-shelter ways, even on your own clothing. I am very careful when I leave work not to expose my own pets, and change as soon as I get home.