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Golden Retriever Rescue recommended I get pet insurance for our sweet, white, loving puppy Toby. Petplan was her first choice! She knew that Golden Retrievers are prone to problems with their hips and elbows and Petplan covers genetic disorders. I did my research and I agreed with her. I am so grateful and completely satisfied with Petplan for I had no idea how soon and frequently I would be running to the vet with my new pup. A few weeks, yes weeks, after I purchased pet insurance, Toby the Troublemaker ate a corn cob. No he did not chew the cob, he swallowed it whole leaving it lodged in his system. Six days later, Toby was throwing up large pieces of corn cob. This was my first visit to emergency. The X-rays revealed the corn cob was not passing from his stomach to his intestines. Toby received IVs, other medication and, of course, more X-rays. We are happy to say he did not require surgery, but it was quite a scare. Petplan reimbursed us for everything except for four cans of prescription dog food. Now I am a believer.
Two weeks later, he developed a very large (tennis ball size) lump. We were back to the vet for more tests. After several tests, they concluded Toby had a sterile abscess caused from one of his injections. Again, Petplan to the rescue!! Now my husband is a believer too. The lump is now the size of a pea and his beautiful fur is finally growing back. We thought our new member of the family was finally well and all of our troubles were behin

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Golden Retriever

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