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I had my goldendoodle puppy, Rollie, only 4 days (8 weeks old) when I saw him swallow a push pin from our bulletin board. Long story short-they had to do emergency surgery to remove it. $2,500. Yikes! Ironically, as an insurance agent, I had decided wholeheartedly to purchase pet insurance with my next dog, and I had procrastinated doing it. I thought it would be a hassle and had not taken the time to do it. $2,500 out of pocket to me. Double yikes. I applied that week to Pet Plan and it was so easy! Eight months later, Rollie had a temp of 103 and wouldn't eat or play. Sure enough, he had swallowed part of a pencil, two erasers, a big chunk of milk jug plastic, and about a cup of grass to make it a giant "hair ball" which would not move. Again, $2,500. I got on-line to print the claim forms and took them to the vet's office. I had to, gulp, pay $2,500 on my credit card. With no follow-up on my part, after submitting the claim initially, within 10 days I got that beautiful check from Pet Plan for $2,126. I'm a believer to say the least! I could not be more thrilled knowing they're there if (when) Rollie needs medical services in the future.

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