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My boy Simeon had been checked regularly by a vet. However his last exam showed inflammation on one of his lower canines and possibly two. My local vet referred my cat to the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center Animal Dental Clinic of Pittsburgh, being the lower canines are of a delicate nature to remove because of possible jaw fracture.. The only problem was the cost. I had to have it done and thankful I had PetPlan and they sure came through for me!! They paid everything according to my policy. I had one of the best medical facilities and dental vets in the country by personal observation and other reviews and as far as I am concerned the best of best insurance company. I'm retired and on a limited income and having PetPlan took away the heavy financial stress for something this important that had to be done. My cat is like a new boy now and back to being his personable cute self. Thank you PetPlan!

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