A very sickly puppy

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My 14 mo. old pup started exhibiting symptoms of skin lesions and joint pain that my vet couldn't identify. He continued to decline and exhibit new symptoms including swollen lymph nodes, continued lethargy and increased joint pain, and mouth ulcerations, all in 1 week. I was referred to a specialist after 3 vet visits, and after the internist exam, bloodtests, x-rays, ultrasounds and biopsy, and a scare with a "maybe cancer" diagnosis... the vet ultimately diagnosed my dog with auto-immune disorder.
Healthy Paws covered everything they guaranteed in my policy, including the numerous tests and meds!

Healthy Paws responds to claims within a day and send out checks immediately.

I am still so impressed and they really helped me while I worked to get my puppy back to health quickly!!

Healthy Paws is definitely the pet insurance company to use!!

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Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/01/2012

We're so glad the doctors figured out what was wrong with Triton and were able to put together a treatment plan. Thanks for the praise and give Triton a big hug (or treat) from his Healthy Paws family!


Customer Care & Claims Manager
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation