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I was looking to just get my dog caught up on her shots, I was unaware that this was some type of insurance they made me believe that this was some type of package deal almost. I am just starting off at age 16. They did not explain to me that there will be a 70$ a month fee that's a grand in a year! They told me that 39.95 was the cost w vaccinations, & office visit. So I thought it was a really good deal well after giving my dog her shots they come back w a 230$ bill & 70$ monthly. I do not have a credit card asked me to get one from someone , & after I told my mother about what happened to me she called to make a deal about paying for what my dog got in that day & told her no I have to pay monthly, & called me & said if my mother calls again they would be forced to transfer my records, ill remind you again. I'm a minor, they wouldn't help me or my family understand anything & kept walking away everytime we tried to talk. Very rude people, I will not go back

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$100 - $500

Pit Bull

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1 - 8

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Posted: 12/26/2012

The first person to see my dog was there to administer an exam and the whole time she wouldn't stop talking about their overpriced wellness program. I read part of the contract told them to give my dog the necessary shots. Gave them my coupon for the visit and paid & told the bitch giving the exam to eat that contract and take a stool sample the next day so she could test that she was full of shit. Irving TX

Posted: 12/28/2012

Shelbi... You are correct you are a minor therefore they cannot force any type of contract for you. I have used their clinic in case of emergency only. They were actually ok. I refused any type if insurance from them. The Petsmartt employees told me I should go elsewhere for vet care, thar Banfield was too expensive.. If employees of the store do not recommend them, what does that tell you.