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I have two dogs insured with HBC since spring 2009. Monthly premiums for both are over $60. One of my dogs had never any claim; the other one became diabetic in February 2012. Diabetes is difficult to control but we got it sorted out now. However, since there were a number of bills, related to a couple of emergency vet visits and standards to get the dog regulated (like tests, test equipment, and insulin), the insurance decided now, in November 2012, that we are "high risk" and now they cover only 60% of the costs. I was pretty shocked to find this out - they didn't even send me a letter but just put a document on the website without notifying me.They paid so far less than $2000.
The change to 60% coverage means, in every insurance year, they calculate 60% and then subtract the deductible, which is $500 for dog's age 10 and over, and the rest they pay. That means with the first $1000 vet bills in an insurance year, they pay only $100 ($600-$500 deductible) and after that 60%. I knew they make arbitrary decisions like that but thought it would be at a much higher level of expenditure. I tried beforehand to find out when they change the coverage to 60% but never could get any answer from them. Well, now I know. I find this kind of policy should be prohibited by law.
Furthermore, they have since a couple of months problems with their claims handling. It is a lot of confusion there. I still have claims unprocessed after over a month.
Overall, I would say it's not worth it

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Over $1000

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