Very happy with Embrace!

Out of 10

I took Amy, my pug, in to my vet for some routine vacinations and during the visit, some other issues were found. Not knowing how submit the charges, I submitted my claim as a Wellnes Rewards claim. Once received, the Embrace representative, Sonya Harris, was kind enough to separate the the charges in to two claims (one for Wellnes and for the other issues. The claims were then processed, by representative, Laura Bennett. Though it took some extra time due to the separation of the claims, I was kept informed as to the status several times. After the claims were approved I received my Wellness refund with three days.
I have been very impressed with the efficiency with how my wellness and ilnnes claims have been processed. The representatives have been awesone! I have peace of mind knowing that Embrace will be there for Amy and me!

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Skin problem

Vacinations, overweight,, extra teeth
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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