Hard work getting my claim accepted

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I have to say that service and payment were very promt once mty claim had been received. Getting the claim received was very hard work. It was faxed in at least 4 times and never received (to various numbers following phone conversations). I finally scanned all documents and emailed them in - still not received. I phoned to ensure claim was in motion but was told it wasn't there. I then emailed again while consultant stayed on the line. Success at last. It took about a month to get all this sorted out. Clearly something is wrong in the way claimes are received.

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back problem
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 07/24/2012

Hey Dina-
I'm so sorry you had such a difficult time getting your claims into us successfully.

Any time we receive a claim we immediately send you an email confirmation so you know we've gotten it. That email should be sent within just one or two business days of sending your claim via fax or email, so if it's ever been more than that and you haven't heard from us yet I would definitely give us a call to check in.

You are also welcome to submit claims via mail, email, or fax. We of course do our best to make sure our claims receipt system is as error-proof as possible, but no system is 100% fool proof. This is why we send the confirmation email and suggest calling in if you haven't heard from us after a few days if you haven't heard from us.

We're always happy to work with you to see what alternative methods we can figure out together if nothing seems to be working.