PetPlan is just awesome

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I got pet insurance for my dog Maggie when she was 7 years old, about two years ago. The monthly fee was reasonable and I feel that the options I chose fit exactly what I wanted-- I loved the philosophy that they don't cover what I can plan ahead for budgetwise-- vet visits, shots, etc, and they DO cover what I can't possibly plan for-- such as when Maggie jumped out a fourth story window this past Thanksgiving.
I was in Virginia at the time, and she was rushed to the hospital on the spot by kind strangers who found her bleeding on the ground. I arrived in San Francisco the next day, and visited my poor broken dog. I came home to a disaster that cost over $6000 so far, including the stabilization, care, surgery, and followup treatment.

I could not have possibly planned for this, and Petplan came through. The claim process was amazingly simple, and I received payment within a week of filing my claim. My out of pocket is incredibly minimal, and given what happened, money was the last thing on my mind as I turned all my attention to making Maggie feel better. Thank you Petplan.

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broken limbs and dislocated wrist
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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