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On September 1st 2011 my husband, step-daughter, and 2 Newfoundlands (Hewey & Claire) were headed camping for the holiday weekend. They were on the highway when another driver crossed the center lane and hit them head on.
My husband was amazingly uninjured, my step-daughter had to be extracted from the vehicle and air-lifted to the hospital, Claire didn't appear to be injured but was in shock and Hewey was rapidly losing blood through a compound break in his left front leg.

The pet emergency clinic let us know that Claire had a broken tail bone but would not need surgery, it would heal with time. They went on to explain that Hewey's break was severe and he would need to see a specialist in order to have it repaired properly. Fortunately there was one that officed in their building during normal business hours.

I met with surgeon and was told Hewey would need a steel plate in order to fix his leg and that it would be quite costly. It was such a relief knowing that I could tell them to do whatever it takes to fix him, no mater the cost.

In the end, Hewey got the steel plate, a steel rod, and a bone graft.

Thanks to PetPlan I did not have to make an impossible decision during a very difficult time. Instead, I was able to feel confident I could do what was needed to care for both of my dogs while keeping my focus on the human part of my family.

And best of all, everyone is now well on their way to recovery!

Thank you PetPlan for providing much

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