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When we got our Bernese Mountain dog pup I knew we would need insurance.I had insurance with another company in the past and they were fine, but I thought I would check to see if there was a better alternative. For me, that better alternative was Healthy Paws. The things that "made the sale" were; 1. an annual rather than a per incident deductible, 2. No lifetime maximum, and 3. reimbursement of up to 90%. Unfortunately with a six month old dog we have already had to submit claims. The first problem was a stubborn eye infection, which we ended up seeing an ophthalmologist for. More recently, he developed neck pain. We took him to an emergency vet for xrays and lab and started meds. Unfortunately this did not help and he was seen on an emergency basis by a neurologist Christmas eve (Saturday). He had an MRI,spinal tap, multiple lab tests, and was kept overnight in the hospital as he was diagnosed with immune mediated meningitis. He had a follow up visit on Monday and a few additional lab tests. Because of the holiday weekend, I faxed the claims for both visits Monday at around noon. By the close of business Monday I had an email that told me my claim was being processed. By Tuesday morning (less than 24 hours)I had an email with a copy of the remittance advice. The checks arrived the next day. This meningitis adventure was just north of $3800. I chose the 90% reimbursement level, so after subtracting the exam fees which were $350, I got checks totaling just over $3200. No ques

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immune mediated meningitis
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Over $1000

Bernese Mountain Dog

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Under a year

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