If Embrace sold people insurance, I'd have it.

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I have had Embrace almost since we got our cat. I looked into other providers and the reviews were very mixed, if not downright bad. I wanted to be sure I wouldn't be spending money for a plan only to have the provider deny a claim for arbitrary reasons, which seemed to be the case for many of the other companies that I read about here.
I happened upon Embrace and after reading pages of people praising their professionalism, speed of claims processing and high levels of customer service, I decided to go with Embrace. They are also part of Lloyd's of London and I was impressed by that. It was the BEST decision I have made regarding our cat.

The first time I used them about two years ago, it was determined the upper respiratory infection she had was there when we purchased her, which we feel was accurate. Because of this, they denied the claim we made on that. They told me why and were sorry that they couldn't pay out on that claim. I was perturbed but it was completely legitimate denial of the claim because it was a pre-existing condition. I understood and went some time without a major claim.

Recently, I found out my cat, who is only three at this point, was experiencing chronic renal disease, as if she was a cat three times her age. Well, after everything was said and done, I sent off the necessary forms that were given to me by the vet's office and they processed them and paid me 80% of the nearly $1,000 claim. That's what was expected and outlined in my policy.

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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