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I noticed that my $86 bill each month for my dogs doubled in June to $152. I called and they told me it is because they got a new underwriter insurance company who "re-evaluated" all of the current plans and felt that older dogs were more expensive now. My cost doubled and we are not happy.

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Posted: 10/31/2012

Hi Amber, the information you received from our Customer Care team is correct. Our underwriter reviewed actuarial data and it became clear that certain pets are more likely to need veterinary care, typically due to age or breed, and those pets did see increases in premium. Many others, however, saw their prices stay the same or even decrease. Please note your premium is never based on your claims filing history.
Our new plans offer a greater variety of deductibles and reimbursement levels, so you can still get excellent coverage within your budget. We’ll have someone from Customer Care contact you to go over your renewal options.

Posted: 11/02/2012

See, this concerns me too. I have been with pets best for a while, before my pets became seniors, and I have heard their new underwriter has doubled or tripled the costs for senior pets. We were told we could change to the newer plans to save money but anything you have claimed prior to that will be considered pre-existing under the new plan. How does that make sense? That's crazy. It's the same company and yet they are saying if you change plans you are basically starting out brand new as a new customer even though you have been a customer for years.
Don't get me wrong...I have loved Pets Best and they have been good to us in terms of customer service and claim processing, but you have to see how this is wrong. Doubling, tripling premiums? and to top it off, saying if you change to one of our new plans everything you have ever claimed is pre-existing? That's crazy.

YOu cannot expect one single, LOYAL customer to be happy with this.

Posted: 11/07/2012

I can top that. My dogs coverage just tripled.We were paying $54.12 per month for our Pom. Now they want $159.65.
I think this is Bull****