VPI is a stress reliever!

Out of 10

I couldn't be happier with VPI, the quickness of the claims processing and the reimbursement received! I'm constantly telling everyone I know how VPI has helped us! It's not only nice to have for the basic annual vet appointments but also for the very expensive, unforeseen issues that do come up. I never thought that one of my pets would need such an expensive surgery and had VPI as something to 'keep in my back pocket' for one of those you never know moments. Low and behold, Sydney had one of those you never know moments! Not many people have that kind of cash just laying around. Having your beloved furbaby need such an extensive and expensive surgery is very hard on the heart, but knowing that VPI was there for me made my stress level (and bank account) feel more at ease!

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Torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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