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Two different stories told to me about how my poodle terrier came up missing her front tooth while in their care from 8am to 1115 am just before a dental cleaning. And NO! is was not peridontal disease!! First she ran into the cage and when I arrived and told them this was not the truth somehow a Tech./Helper's shoe came in contact with her mouth. Veterinarian however sought to have me arrested for Criminal Trespass but the PetSmart Manager would not permit this. No apology! Just get rid of her problem at the time which became me. She injured my pet and I am the problem. I called my own officer for animal cruelty!!!

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1 front tooth removed after mouth came in contact with a Tech.'s shoe
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1 - 8

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Posted: 03/19/2013

Banfield cost me the life of my prescious dog. They never followed up with the specialist they consulted on my dogs need for surgery and I kept calling. Their tech did n't know what she was doing and gave me wrong information twice. They bill for filling a syringe and then separately for throwing it away! All they know how to so is spay, nueter and clean teeth! Do not risk you loving pet by going there!