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We were quickly approved and we took our puppy home that same day .However, just a few days after we adopted our puppy we noticed that he was limping . We had taken him to the vet and the vet said that his leg must have been fractured/ broken possibly in the womb or wherever prior to our adopting him . We then had to take him to a specialist Now the only 2 options we have were to pay for surgery which was over $2000.00 or to wait and see what happens which could mean possible amputation. Are you kidding me ???? Now of course we have fallen in love with this puppy and we really had no choice but to have the surgery. Depending on how this surgery goes he may need yet another one. This has yet to be determined. And who knows how much more money this will cost. Anyways, of course I had contacted the shelter regarding this. Why should this be our bill when it apparently happened before we even adopted the puppy. Do they normally adopt out injured animals ? The shelter had never responded and just forwarded my email to the worthless free 30 day insurance 24PetWatch. This insurance is an absolute joke. They told me to submit a claim for review , which of course they denied it . First they never received my paperwork( so they say- i had a fax confirmation ) and then when they received it it took them weeks to review. I was constatly passed around to all different people . None of which could help . Finally , they denied it for preexisting . How is it preexisting if the

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Posted: 06/13/2013

It is pre-existing because it was onset and symptomatic prior to the effective date of the policy. If you read your policy documents, you will see that the gift insurance goes into effect 48 hours after adoption. According to insurance law, a claim can only be covered if it develops symptoms after the effective date. Anything other than that is insurance fraud.

Posted: 09/11/2013

Worthless Gift? Really? Doesn't cost you a PENNY to have it in place unless you need it and yes there's a deductible but it's better than being screwed with the ENTIRE bill if they cover the condition AND pre-existing conditions are really unfortunate but it's not the insurance company's fault? Seriously. I understand your frustration but it should be directed to the shelter who adopted out a hurt pet and not 24PetWatch. Sounds like they TRIED to help you. Shame on them for trying I guess!

Posted: 05/20/2013

Isnt there a waiting period when you first buy insurance? I think ours was 30 days