VERY disorganised in processng claims

Out of 10

I have been using pet plan for several years now for 4 pets and have also referred a few others to sign their pets up. although i like the fact that claims are paid (usually in a timely manner), lately it has been one problem after the other which i have been told by mgmt there that the problems i encounter are human error which means much more retraining needs to go on with pet plan insurance employees to ensure attention to detail is and proper customer service rendered. the product is only as good as the employees that represent it! whether it be with their poorly written computer programs for processing claims and viewing on their site the claims process and exactly which step each claim is at. its usually always wrong! now i have been waiting for over 700 bucks and was just told the claims were in suspense in their computer system and no one processed them correctly although when i log into my account, it says all claims are closed and paid. i was also told Monday when i called in asking why i only received a check for 60 bucks rather than the full amounts, i was told the other checks were mailed out that day. obviously not because according to today's customer service person, the claims were not even processed even though they were all faxed in at exactly the same time!! although i recommend the company for now, they have some shaping up to do in the customer service and computer system arena! i own 2 companies, one being a very successful pet sitting business and anot

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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