Trupanion had our backs when surgeons saved Darwin

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Darwin, a very large golden doodle, has a very simple rule: all toys are mine. Playing in the off-leash enclosure near our home, he greedily grabbed two balls with his gigantic jaws. As we tried to remove them (and return them to their owners) we all noticed that yet a third one seemed to be missing. It couldn't be found. We suspected he may have swallowed it in his determination not to give the toys back. We took him to the vet's for an X-ray. It showed nothing. Although we weren't convinced, his behaviour and health were completely normal, week after week. We eventually concluded our fears were groundless. Then, an astonishing 6 months later, he began vomiting and collapsed (and had lost 10 pounds from his usual 100). He was rushed to Canada West Veterinary Specialists, where the amazing surgeons found a soft, very compressible "whiffle" type toy (with holes in it for treats) was lodged in his abdomen, with lining of stomach growing into the holes. It was dire, and we were told he might not make it. But those surgeons are very skilled - they saved him, removing 20% of his stomach. He has made a full recovery. It was a horrendous couple of days...made much more bearable knowing Trupanion had our backs. I have told countless people about the advisability of pet insurance, and how fantastic the service is. We are very grateful.

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