VPI is the ONLY insurance I don't mind paying for.

Out of 10

It's difficult to list only one claim I'm happy about. I have been with them for close to 12 yrs and I've always carried 2 pet policies but just added 2 more puppies. We had a litter of bull terriers and with the 4 we adopted out we gave the families the VPI leaflets. OKAY - Specific claim,I would have to refer back to February 2007, I took my two pets to FL so we could stay with my husband for awhile since he was there working. Thor, my male who loves playing in water, ran out on the slippery lanai as I was throwing the water hose in the pool. Of course he had to jump and grab it and as soon as he landed my husband who was across the street at the time heard what sounded like a gunshot and come running over.He already knew a bone had been broken and he was right. Thor broke his leg in four places. We had two trips to the ER and two surgeries involving placing and again removing a titanium plate and 9 titanium screws with the top orthopedic surgeon in Estero,FL. First of all money was the last concern but the paperwork was a receipt and a 5 min prefilled ins form and a fax of both to VPI. We were out of pocket $4800 and VPI covered $4400 if memory serves correctly. We receive a check a couple of months later for another $400+ (included in the above amount)with a letter stating they had done another review and noticed they had short changed us. Imagine, a insurane company doing this? I could say so much more since my pets like to swallow fishing hooks, plastic balls, etc. but

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Broken Leg w/Plates needed.
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bull Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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