healthy paws is helping me save my dog's life

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My dog is only 18 months old and has contracted an unknown bacteria which is keeping him very sick if he gets off of his antibiotics. I am endlessly grateful to all of the people at Healthy Paws who have been kind, supportive, and most importantly helpful in, not only assisting me in navigating the administrative process, but, also in the efficiency in reimbursement for multiple medical bills. My policy is giving me so much peace as the expenses mount up and a very sophisticated team of vets and specialty vets attempt to solve this problem, and hopefully help my young dog go on to live a long and healthy life. All of the vet practices that we are working with are amazed by the support from Healthy Paws that I am able to receive, and they are intending to spread the word to their other clients as well. I am sorry for what we are going through, but am forever grateful for a program as well as the people who work for Healthy Paws. I can't say enough about the support from this company during this experience.

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unknown systemic infection
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Over $1000

Great Pyrenees

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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