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We purchased PetPlan coverage for our new kitten the day we adopted him in April 2011. At that point, we already held PetPlan policies for our two other cats and had had nothing but positive experiences claiming veterinary expenses.
Unfortunately, the new kitten became sick very soon after adoption and was hospitalized with panleukopenia after just over two weeks with us. That hospital bill, and the bills from our regular vet from before the hospitalization, were not reimbursed by PetPlan because of the 14 day waiting period attached to our kitten's policy. The kitten recovered from panleukopenia, but the cost involved with his treatment was significant and we were disappointed PetPlan declined to reimburse it, even after numerous appeals.

The kitten has since had further health issues, but thankfully we've had no further trouble claiming his vet expenses with PetPlan. Most recently, we've been involved in a multi-month series of vet appointments, procedures, and medical trials aimed at trying to determine the cause of the kitten's constant panting. It's an enormous relief to know we can focus on finding the best care for our kitten and not on the cost of whatever testing or treatment is necessary.

Despite our one negative experience earlier this year, our 3 year experience with PetPlan over three pet policies has been overwhelmingly positive, and we continue to recommend PetPlan to all of our friends. Having PetPlan policies removes the fear about costly vet bills

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asthma, panleukopenia, wound requiring stitches
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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