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I recently looked through this review board in search of an insurance company. My 3 year old Great Dane needed knee surgery. This was an unexpected medical expense for us. We have a second Great Dane 1 year old. I decided to look into insurance for her knowing how rough they play and thinking we already blew our opportunity for insurance with the older dog. I decided on Pet Plan for many reasons.They cover hereditary and congenital diseases for the life of the dog! They have options for what you want your plan to cover as far as deductable and co pays as well as maximum for the year payout. I started the insurance in April 2012 and in June 2012 my 1 year old was diagnosed with Addison's Disease! That was an extremely scary time for us and believe me after the expense of our first dog we may have had to make a very difficult decision as far as treating her if we hadn't had the insurance! The disease will need treatment the rest of her life, but she can live a happy, normal life providing she gets the medications she needs as well as the diagnostic blood work that will need to be done regularly. It is very expensive medication also!Pet Plan has been so easy to work with and very timely reviewing and paying out the claims. I am so pleased with them and very, very grateful for the insurance! We love our dog and are so happy we can provide her with what she needs.Thank You,

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Addison's Disease
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Over $1000

Great Dane

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1 - 8

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