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To be very honest, I was a bit hesitant about signing up for the Wellness Plan due to the horrible stories I've seen online. However, after a thorough Q&A with the Banfield staff, I have come to believe that people do not understand fully what the Banfield Wellness Plan really is. The Wellness Plan is all about PREVENTATIVE care. It is not insurance that covers injuries, illness, etc. that may come up anytime. Those are situations where you would have to pay for. I signed up for the Plus package for my new puppy. It will cost me about $530** for the whole year (12 months' worth of payment + one time membership fee). This includes the unlimited office visits, vaccinations, deworming, fecal tests, etc. as well as neutering. **Prices may be different where you live; these prices are in Santa Cruz, CA. Not only do we get all that, but there is a huge coupon booklet that gives you discounts of over $100. Many of these will be taken advantage of. I find that this package is very very reasonable because neutering alone runs anywhere from $250-$500 at reputable veterinarians where I live. From our first visit alone, we saved over $150 dollars. We got our puppy his first round of vaccinations, a physical examination, fecal testing, and deworming. Instead of $275 (the price without the plan), we paid $90 (one-time membership fee + first month's payment). We will be going back multiple times in the next couple of months to finish the vaccinations. Also, when my p

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Vaccinations & Deworming
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Toy Poodle

Age of Pet
Under a year

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