Aspca dropped us due to age.

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ASPCA dropped us due to age --11 and 14. We used level 2 accident and illness coverage with aspca for years. We have always been up to date with our payments and no lapse in coverage. The coverage was ok.
We received a notice last month that our level 2 coverage will be canceled as of september. They were not going to offer that illness policy anymore. But they will sell us accident insurance. Hum.
I called to inquire as this must be a mistake. We have been clients for years. Our illness and claims are are not out of control. Why would they just drop us? Why aren't we just being grandfathered in to any new policies with a payment adjustment of course.
I was told, there had been a supplement, an optional additional charge, that I could have added to my insurance which sort of linked all preexisting conditions to our policy. For example, if dog #1 tore a ligament in jan-july coverage period--say june 15. Got the knee fixed, all was well, then showed up lame in same leg august 15, the next coverage period july-jan, the insurance doesn't cover since problem happened in 6 months prior to new coverage period. The additional OPTIONAL supplement policy linked the periods so that it would be covered in new policy period.

We chose not to purchase this extra coverage. This year, this optional coverage is now manditory coverage, and in order to continue to have illness insurance, you must purchase this coverage. (we would have been happy to if we must).

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