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We've had pet insurance on our cats for years with another well known company and while that company was okay, they could be a huge hassle with claims, and also had caps that caused us a lot of financial hardship when our darling kitty girl developed IBD and a panoply of other illnesses caused by IBD and the meds we had to give her to control it. We lost her in May of 2012 and got a kitten to help us heal, and 3 days after we brought him home we decided to put insurance on him, but after 10 years with the other company we wanted to switch to a better company if we could find one. We found Healthy Paws, and due to the excellent reviews and no cap policy we went with them for the new baby. Since he's a healthy kitten we didn't expect to use the insurance for a long time, but lo and behold, two weeks ago in the evening he threw up some unusual things and off to ER we went. X-rays revealed that he'd swallowed a hard piece of plastic, about 2" x 1" and needed emergency surgery. He came through beautifully and is happily bouncing around again -- but the bill was around $2400. Healthy Paws paid 90% of it (with our yearly $100 deduction) with no questions or hassles whatsoever. Not only that, but they received the claim from the ER on Sunday and we got the check in the mail the very next Thursday -- so in 4 days they got it, processed it, and mailed the check. Being a pet insurance veteran I can promise you that you can't do better than Healthy Paws on all levels. Outside of

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Swallowed foreign object
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Mediumhair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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