Scam. Terrible Service. Terrible Customer Service.

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Absolutely terrible insurance company. customer service advisor stated that they guaranteed that the under writing would be completed in two 14 days. Waited two months never heard anything back from the company inquired about our pet policy. The customer service rep stated I wasn't a customer with them even though I stated I was and had proof their company had charged my credit card for two months already and I had no idea what was covered or not. A week later we took our dog to the vet as we had concerns about her health. After getting pre approval from the company for a CT scan to see what was wrong with her, I received an email yesterday stating that they will not cover any of the medical expenses as they are trying to say it was a pre existing condition. I asked to speak with a supervisor when I was trying to figure out how they thought it was a pre existing condition and the customer service rep laughed in my face and said they were very busy and shows the supervisor. This company is very inconsiderate and does not care about anything to do with your pet and only cares about collecting their monthly insurance premiums

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Golden Retriever

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1 - 8

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