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Absolute worst experience I have ever had in my life. Signed up for pet insurance in March, Kimber had a clean bill of health. Agent that helped me sign up for the policy told me that the under writing would take two weeks and they would be in contact with me after that, After not hearing anything from them for over a month and a half I contacted them because we were taking Kimber in to the vet because we had some concerns. The agent I talked to told me I had no insurance with them and it must be with a different company, she was the opposite of helpful and I had to investigate myself and find out why they couldn't find me. Turns out they spelt my name wrong email wrong and my address wrong. after straightening all of that out and being charged for two months and not even knowing I had insurance, we took Kimber in for her appointment. The vet that seen her was concerned with what he saw and needed to do a CT scan which was going to cost us 1700. I said I wanted to wait to see if the insurance was going to cover it or not. The vets receptionist called and the agent she talked to said that all the diagnosing as to what was wrong with Kimber was covered and we went ahead with it. following the testing we were told Kimber had terminal cancer which was NOT a pre existing condition before our policy was put into place with a lot going on mentally and emotionally, I received an email from pet plus us stating they were not covering anything because they figured it was pre existing EVEN Though the vent and specialists stated it was not the same at all. I called in to get more information where I had a very rude customer service agent try help me. I asked to talk to her supervisor and she laughed at me and stated she was which I find extremely rude and unacceptable. She told me that I could have the specialists call in and talk to them and tell them how it was not pre existing, my vet did that and the customer service agent that day would not even speak with her just told the vet there is nothing they are going to do. Pet plus us is nothing but a money grab they charged me for two months worth of premiums and when it was time to pay they completely screwed me over. To add insult to injury my dog had to be put down because I didn't want her to suffer and according to their policy they would pay for that and the cremation. They again denied me. Their policy is horribly written and very vague with lots of grey areas to cover their asses so they can just steal your money and pay nothing. They are a horrible company and I will make sure I voice my opinion everywhere so I can help other pet owners from being screwed out of thousands of dollars and avoid the heart ache I had to go through with this company.

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