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I learned about the importance of pet insurance for my dog the hard way. She had never been sick one day in her life until last November when she was accidentally poisoned. I rushed her to my vet who fought valiantly to save her life. She required surgery and 24-hour intensive care. For several agonizing days I wasn't sure if she would live or die but she finally pulled through due to the extraordinary care she received. I had no pet insurance at the time so I had to pay the entire bill myself which was about $8,000!
I was determined that would never happen to me again so I began to review pet insurance companies online. I visited many sites and compared the benefits and exclusions of their policies. Some companies set fixed dollar amounts for procedures that were far less than the actual cost of the treatments which I didn't like but Healthy Paws was different. I was concerned that Healthy Paws was a new company but I liked the clarity of their user friendly website so I decided to select them. The enrollment process was straightforward and within 2 weeks she was covered.

On July 13th, she was bitten on her leg by another dog and required emergency care. This was not a life threatening injury as before but she was hospitalized and required many stitches. The bill was about $1,146 which I submitted to Healthy Paws for reimbursement. Within a few days I received a e-mail message from the company that they would cover 90% of the cost minus the office visit fee and the ann

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