Our Embrace Coverage Saved Our Dog from Cancer

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We have a wonderful chocolate lab named Otter. While playing with him, we noticed a small abscess above one of his canine's in his mouth. We immediately took him in to the vet and were told it was likely a foxtail. We scheduled time for him to go and have it removed, but they did not find a foxtail. The vet took a biopsy and a culture, but given that he is only two years old, we were not too concerned that it would be cancer. When we got the news two days later that it was in fact Squamos Cell Carcinoma, a very aggressive skin cancer type cancer, we were beyond devastated. Thanks to Embrace, however, we were able to go in the next morning and meet with the surgeon to discuss our options. As we caught it so early, the cancer was still confined to the local area in his mouth, so the plan was to remove the cancer, which meant taking out part of his jaw. 4 business days after the diagnosis, Otter went in for surgery. Of course it is very difficult to see your dog in confusion and pain after surgery, but we knew we did the right thing. Given the magnitude of the surgery, Otter recovered surprisingly quickly and was back to himself within a week. The best news came, however, when they confirmed that the margins were clean on the area that they removed and that they were able to successfully remove the entire cancerous area. Having Embrace helped us make all the right decisions for Otter without having to worry as much about the financial implications. During times like

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