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I had just arrived home from a short trip to family, leaving the care of my 6 cats with my husband. Only to find 5of my 6 cat's greeted me, which I found odd as my 17 month old cat Brandy whom was no where to be found.As I looked thru the house I noticed a drop of blood on the window sill,which with 6 cats it was not something to get excited about but made me concerned to find where Brandy was.I found her laying in a pile of towels my husband dumped at the foot of the basement stairs.One look at her I knew something was wrong and decided that it merited a trip to the Emergancy Vet.On the way there the cat had a bowel movement and when we got there we saw that she had a spontanious GI bleed and bleeding from the gums of the mouth and was Anemic.Her platlet's plummet to half of normal count and needed a blood transfusion Stat.Where 99.9% of all cat's have AB blood type Brandy has the rarest Blood type being B.The Emergency Hospital called all the Tri-State area to find her blood, several hours later they found 90ml of red blood cells.The blood alone cost $2000.Now stable we ran every test, had all the tests read by a hemotogist specialist and could not find cause. 5 day,s later the little Miss is home and no worse for the wear.This was my first claim, Healthy Paws processed her claim within day's, called me personally and asked how she was doing and gave me the update with the underwriter. I got the confirmation the following day and had the check in 3 days.Today I called Custo

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GI Spontanious Bleed -Auto Immune Episode
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Over $1000


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