Customer service gives unreliable information - so frustrated!

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I've been with this company since 2017 and had some minor customer service problems in the past but we fixed the issue. I called a month ago to add one more dog to the account and also to fix the issue they had with their system (names got mixed up in the system/my account was on a different name) and the agent who helped was really nice and we went through the process smoothly.

Before they updated their system, my name was the primary holder of the account but my mom's credit information was on file, and because of the changes in their system, everything got messed up. So, I had to call and had this issue fixed with the agent telling me that, it's now going to be my mom's name as the primary holder and me as the secondary, which was understandable since it was my mom's credit card on file and she told me that the next time I call, there should be no problems if I call or my mom calls, they are still going to help us regardless since both our names were on file. So, to clarify, I asked her that if I had to cancel/change my dog's insurance policy, would it be okay if I were the one to call them or did it have to be my mom and she told me there should be no problem if I call.

However, when I called today to cancel one of my dog's insurance policy the agent told me I wasn't allowed to since I wasn't the primary holder and I told her that an agent from last time had told me it should be ok since my name was on file too. She said that they don't do that to secondary holders.... then what's the point of having my name as a secondary holder?????? I told her that it's my email and phone # on file and could verify it but still no help. Although the agent was professional about it, respectfully, I told her that they should be clear with the information they tell their clients because this has been the 3rd time and now I'm just really frustrated.

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