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Like most pet owners, my pet's needs are very important to me. She is a member of my family and when I found out my cat Annie had mammary carcinoma,I was devasstated. I had no idea this could even happen to a cat. I immediately thought this meant my time with Annie was cut short, but because I had Embrace Pet Insurance, that wasn't the case. Luckily I had decided to secure pet insurance several years before based on the great advice from my mom, because my policy helped out a great deal with the costs. It made the option of treatment possible. On top of the financial benefit during this situation and the financial advantage after every pet visit, the employees at Embrace truly care. If you respond to a cliam email, an actual person responds! Can you believe that??? I have also gotten the sense that these employees are also pet owners as well, which is comforting when dealing with a difficult situation concerning your pet. I am tahnkful everyday that I got Embrace pet insurance for Annie and continue to be very satisfied with their service. So, if you have a pet, there should be no cinsideration necessary....get pet insurance. It is a no brainer. Annie is now cancer free and has so many more years ahead of her.

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Over $1000

American Longhair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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