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When my Greyhound stole a corn cob and swallowed it whole we did think much of it. It's food, right? But, when she began vomiting a few times a day, every day I called the veterinarian. He said she should come in for a x-ray. There it was- clearly a corn cob sitting in her stomach, unable to be broken down. The vet said she was lucky it hadn't moved to her intestines! The vet was great. Removed the cob. Stitches were tight and clean. Hazel, our greyhound, healed beautifully with no complications. She never even licked at her stitches. I cannot be happier with Embrace. I paid the bill on a credit card, and was reimbursed before the bill even came due. The total bill was about $1,500. With remaining deductible and copay subtracted, I was reimbursed about $1,000 of that cost.
Honestly, my husband and I discussed canceling our pet insurance shortly before this incident as we have three dogs and the total monthly cost seems high. Up to then we hadn't benefited from having the insurance. We decided not to cancel, and boy are we glad now. The next time the dogs veterinary care, I want to be sure I have pet insurance! I love my dogs, and having insurance helps make difficult decisions in their care easier.

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