Horrible customer service

Out of 10

You need to read all the fine print before purchasing this insurance to be sure you understand that they do not cover the cost of the vet's services at all and they have a $50 deductible PER INCIDENT. I have just faxed in a claim for the third time: the first time it was faxed in a package with another claim that was paid, yet they said they didn't receive my other claim. The second time I emailed it to their customer service two weeks ago and have received no confirmation or response whatsoever. Their customer service person who responded after the first time that they had not received the claim proceeded to send me a lengthy email about how they do not cover the vet's exams and her personal opinion on how much my vet charges vs. how much she pays her vet for a visit. This had NOTHING to do with my claim since I wasn't claiming the vet's services. I really don't care how much she pays for her vet visits anyway. I just cancelled my policy. It costs far too much for what I am receiving. I'll keep my own savings account to handle any veterinary crises with my pets.

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
Under $100

Bichon Frise

Age of Pet
Under a year

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