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Submitted a claim on January 18th for my dog that had developed a mucocele and a spleen mass. The entire claim was over $4000.00. My claim was opened and closed 3 consecutive times declaring that they had not received proper information. This was completely untrue. I had been checking my app daily for progress and responded each time I saw a change in the status of my claim. I submitted and resubmitted vet info to them 5 times throughout this process. Each time placing phone calls to representatives and being placed on hold for a minimum of 43 minutes and a maximum of 72 minutes. I spoke to multiple reps and each one apologizing about the confusion, assuring me it would be taken care of. Now on April 3, almost 4 months later, I receive an email saying they will cover $52.40 and the rest was not covered because of possible “pre-existing symptoms”. Completely untrue and unacceptable! Time to lawyer up!

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Mixed Breed Toy (up to 10 Lbs)

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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